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Oh, no, don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing more charming than a wildlife encounter. You can be kissed by a seal and a dolphin in Dolphin Marine Magic and it’s included in the price of your entry ticket. You can also do the swim with them, but it requires extra costs (definitely too much for our pockets). We went there on our first day in Coffs Harbour encouraged by our friends and totally loved it. We were allowed to put our hands in the pool and touch dolphins’ bellies while they were swimming in circles. Being so close to them and then receiving a true kiss on the cheek was an absolute highlight of this experience (the seal kiss feels much softer though – as we also had a chance to find this out).

Being there we had an impression that these animals were all lucky survivors rescued by the staff of the park, as there were plenty of posters presenting these sorts of cases from the past. But our friends who are true animal welfare activists and know the place as well as it’s previous owner, introduced us to the other side of the story: ‘(…)The native wildlife was all removed from the pet porpoise pool, & the pool has stopped assisting with wildlife rescue and rehabilitation, for the exception of marine turtles. The animals are being exploited for financial gain, and there is no longer a priority on animal welfare, but rather on how much money each animal can bring to the park.(…)’. This is just a small sample. If you’re interested in finding out more about this issue, this is a link to Facebook page that gives detailed information about the situation.

Apart from this sweet-bitter experience we’ve had the best time in Coffs Harbour with our friends who were trying to take us everywhere possible in a very short period of time. Thank you Verné & Troy! 🙂

It’s been almost a year since we visited and because Christmas time is coming, it also reminded me of these beautiful lights displays you can only see in this lovely town. Check it out here!

I finally went to see the penguin parade yesterday. Visiting Phillip Island, located just 140km southeast of Melbourne, is unquestionably one of the “must-do” in Victoria, just after Great Ocean Road and the Grampians (which are still on my bucket list by the way). The trip was organized by Wildlife Tours Australia and we were lucky to have Phil as our guide who kept us entertained and gave hips of information along the way. I missed half of it obviously having my focus outside of the window most of the time, as there was plenty of wildlife to spot out there. Read More

(Australia: East Coast trip – continuation)

We came to Sydney after the whole day of sightseeing in Canberra and were absolutely knackered. We shed our backpacks, chugged a beer and went straight to bed. It was a nice small hotel in CBD, nothing special, except one thing – the bed mattress. We even took a picture of its label hoping to buy one for ourselves – it was that comfortable. (Couldn’t find it anywhere though – it was produced by an overseas wholesale hotel supplier.) We are both quite picky when it comes to sleeping conditions, which not only rises costs of all our travels but can have quite an influence on the whole following day if, God forbid, any of us wakes up with a neck/back/shoulder pain. It’s already this stage of life I suppose when we need to realize that those times when it felt totally cozy to take a nap on anything from a doormat to a park bench are simply over.

Anyway, next day we woke up fresh, happy and ready to explore. We had another mystery to solve in this city: is it ‘better’ or ‘worse’ than Melbourne? Read More

A one-day trip is definitely not enough to fully enjoy this magnificent place, but surely is a good opportunity to check it out and see if it’s your cup of tea. My chance to do so came as a school excursion led by a teacher who also is a professional tour guide for Bunyip Tours, knows everything about the area and is absolutely fascinated by it.

Wilsons Prom is the most southern tip of the mainland of Australia and it is believed it was a part of a terrestrial bridge joining Tasmania with the continent at some point in the past. It is located 3 hours driving from Melbourne in the Gippsland region and it’s the oldest national park in Victoria. Read More

It’s the second year when I get to experience the Grand Prix on my doorstep. It’s not as cool as it sounds though… Read More

(Australia: East Coast trip – continuation)

Visiting the capital of a country of travel has always been indisputable choice for my offshore tours. Perhaps it’s a typical European way of thinking as this is usually the urban centre of the nation’s architectural, infrastructural, political and cultural development. If you start from the heart you then gain your own perspective, which helps you decide if you wish to see more or not. It’s quite risky though and I’m sure in many cases it doesn’t really make justice to a particular culture. First example coming to my mind is Warsaw (PL:Warszawa). Visiting the capital of Poland, which was almost completely destroyed during constant wars and needed to be rebuilt from the scratch, tells you nothing about what you would see in Kraków where much more architecture has survived and where the way of living and thinking is completely unlike in other regions because of its different historical fortunes. At the same time I cannot deny the fact that it is still the vibrant epicentre of my motherland and most of the visitors go there first before trying other areas.

It is so much different in Australia Read More


It has been 3 months already since we were getting ready for our exciting East Cost adventure. I had been preparing the trip for weeks and the biggest challenge was to fit all attractions in a 3-week time frame. It did not work at all by the way. The bucket list initially 3 pages long ended up being just one.

Read More

There it is, my first blog post. I have always so much to say – sometimes too much one could point out. I’m not sure if this applies to the ‘English-writing-Aleks’ too, so I guess this is where I will have the chance to check it out.

For now just a brief introduction:


I spent 29 years of my life in Poland with a one year break for living and working in England and taking single trips within Europe, and to Turkey and Egypt. In October 2011 I left to Australia as it was on my “to do before 30”- bucket list so there I went. Back then I estimated 6 months would be enough for me to travel the country and make some improvements to my English. Well, it’s 18 February 2014 today and I still haven’t left. A lot has happened in my life for the last 28 months and it all brought me here, where I’m given more time to live in the fantastic city of Melbourne and keep globetrotting from time to time.

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