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It’s the second year when I get to experience the Grand Prix on my doorstep. It’s not as cool as it sounds though…

It takes 2 months to prepare it, another 2 to deconstruct it and the actual race lasts for 4 days only. The animals inhabiting the area are being relocated and so as the sports teams, which use Albert Park as their practice spot. There are as many antagonists of this event as there are supporters. Significant economic contribution is the main argument for it as even though it costs the city a gigantic amount of money it also generates a huge profit to the tourism and hospitality sectors attracting visitors from all over the world. The opponents might say for example the occupation of the space lasts for too long and it affects the local community too much with the noise and public transport disruptions. I think next year I will need to go and see what is the whole F1 fuss about to be able to take one of the sides, because at this point I’m only gnashing my teeth with annoyance every time the cars make another loop (starting 7am this Saturday morning!) and hearing jets and helicopters above the roof all day long. In the meantime I will be impatiently waiting for the normal order to be brought back with all its natural beauty: parrots, black swans, pelicans and ducks swaying around the lake…

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