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 …don’t feel sorry for the imprisoned ones, the great majority of them managed to escape anyway – they live in the wild, in my forgetful brain, vulnerable to extinction…

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Travel and Photography are what I’m passionate about. Each of these interests involves a different part of my nature – the organised and the spontaneous one – and this is probably what makes them such a great combination. I take pictures rather impulsively – only when I feel inspired. Travelling on the other hand is all about planning, researching and making sure everything is teed up. It feels great to have these two hobbies as an addiction. However, I must admit, sometimes doing both simultaneously doesn’t work out very well for me as while enjoying a moment, I often forget to take a picture. This website gathers few of these precious times when I was lucky enough to be in a particular place, see the uniqueness of the situation and have a camera on me to save the moment from disappearance.

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